9 Stunning Beaches near Homosassa, FL

ItIsWild.com Best Beaches near Homosassa FL

Although not as good as Tampa or Destin, the selection of beaches near Homosassa is pretty good. You can opt for sandy coastlines with volleyball courts and palm trees or check out mangrove beaches teeming with wildlife.

10 Amazing Beaches near Rochester, NY

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Rochester, NY

You don’t have to drive far to enjoy some of the best beaches near Rochester. Although the selection here isn’t huge, there is a diverse choice with state parks, city parks, and private businesses offering access to Lake Ontario.

9 Beautiful Beaches near Freeport, ME

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Freeport Maine

Freeport isn’t known for its beaches or crowds of holidaymakers. Yet, there are a few coastal gems here that are worth visiting. Most are small and cozy beaches with excellent beachcombing and kayaking.

9 Amazing Beaches near Sandusky, OH

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Sandusky OH

Sandusky offers access to a wide selection of beaches in the area. Some are parts of urban parks, others sit within state parks, and there is a couple of island locations, too.

11 Best Beaches near Dover, DE

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Dove, DE

The beaches near Dover aren’t best for swimming, but the further south you travel, the more fantastic options open up, including popular state parks, beachside camping, and thriving ocean resorts.

7 Gorgeous Beaches near Mount Pleasant, SC

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Mt Pleasant, SC

Mt Pleasant has a small but diverse selection of beaches with plenty of recreational opportunities. Some are long and wide, and others are secluded hidden gems with little facilities.

9 Amazing Beaches near Brunswick, GA

ItIsWild.com: BEst Beaches near Brunswick, GA

Brunswick has a nice selection of beaches, most of which are just 20 minutes from the city on the popular Jekyll Island. Yet, there are plenty more options, including St Simmons and Amelia Islands.

11 Gorgeous Sandy Beaches near Englewood, FL

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Englewood, FL

Englewood is an excellent getaway to some of the best beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. There are barrier island gems, shark teeth treasure troves, and city beaches with lots of activities and fun.

7 Gorgeous Beaches near Homestead, FL

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Homestead, Florida

Homestead may not be the most touristy place, but it has several fantastic beaches. Some with sand and palm trees and others filled with corals and mangroves teeming with wildlife.