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11 Gorgeous Beaches near Stuart, FL

Stuart is a gateway to a variety of coastal gems. From family-friendly shores to dog walkers stretches and clothing optional beaches, it has it all!
Florida coastline near Stuart - aerial view

Stuart isn’t just a picturesque town; it’s a gateway to a multitude of coastal havens. 

For dog lovers, Walton Rocks Dog Beach promises unbridled joy with tails wagging in the surf. 

At Blind Creek Beach, you’ll find an uninhibited retreat with its clothing-optional ethos. 

And as twilight settles, watch Jensen Beach transform into a theater for the majestic sea turtles. 

This guide steers you through these gems and more, ensuring each visit leaves footprints and memories. 

Discover the diverse beaches that lie a stone’s throw from Stuart!

1. Stuart Beach 

Aerial drone image Hutchinson Island Florida
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 6 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, bodyboarding, picnics, volleyball, basketball
  • Facilities: picnic tables, parking, public grills, sports courts

Situated just a stone’s throw away, Stuart Beach stands as a tranquil oasis on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Renowned as a hub for various beachside activities like swimming and picnicking, this beach promises both relaxation and adventure. 

Top-notch amenities including spotless restrooms, showers, and shaded picnic spots ensure visitors enjoy every moment of their stay. 

As the waves kiss the shores, sports enthusiasts can revel in beach volleyball or basketball. 

The pristine sandy stretches invite sunbathers, while the azure waters beckon swimmers. 

Stuart Beach isn’t just a destination, but an experience, blending the calm of nature with the thrill of outdoor activities. 

A visit here is a deep dive into the heart of Florida’s cherished Atlantic allure.

2. Jensen Beach

Jensen Beach, Florida scenic at daytime with people and a clear blue sky with building hotels horizon
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 6 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, bodyboarding, surfing, picnics, watching turtles
  • Facilities: picnic tables, parking, grills, lifeguards

Jensen Sea Turtle Beach, locally celebrated as Jensen Beach, boasts wide sandy stretches along Florida’s Hutchinson Island. 

This beachside haven, renowned for its morning sunrises and vibrant blue waters, becomes a hotspot for both relaxation and activity. 

Sunning and surf fishing dominate the scene, with surfers seizing waves from dawn to dusk. 

The sand, though deep and speckled with shells, offers an authentic coastal experience. 

Visitors can rely on convenient amenities such as the Sand Dune Café, open daily, and modern facilities including showers and restrooms. 

Those seeking recreation will appreciate volleyball courts and ample picnic spaces. 

And with lifeguards on duty, safety isn’t compromised. 

Jensen Beach stands as a testimony to Florida’s immaculate coastline, blending the essence of nature with top-tier beachside facilities.

3. Chastain Beach

A rocky beach with clear turquoise water in Stuart, FL on a sunny day
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 7 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, bodyboarding, surfing, picnics, watching turtles
  • Facilities: seasonal lifeguards, restrooms, showers

Nestled on the picturesque southern tip of Hutchinson Island, Chastain Beach, affectionately known as Surfer’s Beach, presents a paradisiacal retreat peppered with striking rock formations.

As a magnet for surfing aficionados, the beach offers a dynamic wave scene, providing exhilarating moments for wave riders. 

Additionally, its proximity to Bathtub Beach is a bonus, expanding the exploration possibilities for visitors. 

Families find solace here, with pristine rock pools beckoning the young ones during high tide, while pet lovers appreciate the welcoming stance for furry friends. 

Amenities including restrooms and showers enveloped in lush tropical foliage amplify the comfort level for beachgoers. 

Embellished with a fascinating canvas of orange, white, and grey shells, Chastain promises both leisure and adventure in a tropical setting.

4. Bathtub Beach

Bathtub Beach at Hutchinson Island Florida
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 8 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, picnics, snorkeling
  • Facilities: restrooms, showers, lifeguards

Bathtub Beach, situated on Hutchinson Island’s southern tip, has long been celebrated for its reef-protected waters and its appeal to families. 

After a recent refurbishment by Martin County, the beach boasts reinforced dunes and an additional 35,000 cubic yards of sand, promising a resilient shoreline for the future. 

While the coarse, dirt-colored sand is generously speckled with shells, the real attraction remains the ultra-clear waters, which resemble a serene bathtub. 

Families often flock here, especially on weekends, to enjoy the minimal waves and child-friendly depths. 

Adventurous souls can snorkel, spotting vibrant marine life around the reef. 

Essential amenities include restrooms, showers, and vigilant lifeguards. 

Those seeking a cool respite can head to the lofty gazebo, which offers panoramic views.

5. Walton Rocks Dog Beach

A dog on a beautiful Florida beach, wistfully looking at his owners
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 14 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, picnics, dog walking
  • Facilities: restrooms, parking

A 14-mile drive from Stuart, Walton Rocks Dog Beach emerges as a canine wonderland spanning 24 acres of sandy shores. 

This off-leash haven allows dogs to joyfully romp in both sand and surf, making every visit a delightful escapade. 

Visitors are greeted by a scenic sandy road, weaving through quintessential Florida brush, leading them away from the hustle of the highway. 

Ample parking spaces ensure convenience, while two simple restrooms cater to essential needs. 

Beyond the dunes, a pristine beach unfolds, perfect for shell hunting or simply watching dogs of diverse breeds play and interact. 

For added comfort, covered picnic tables dot the area, making it ideal for both pets and their owners. 

Whether you’re a dog enthusiast or simply a beach lover, Walton Rocks promises an unmatched coastal experience.

6. Blind Creek Beach (Clothing-Optional)

Blind Creek Beach
Source: flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Distance from Stuart: 16 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, picnics
  • Facilities: porta-potties

Hidden like a gem along Florida’s Treasure Coast, the expansive Blind Creek Beach stretches across 108 acres, offering an authentic connection to nature. 

Designated as a clothing-optional zone by the St. Lucie County Commissioners in June 2020, it promises a liberating experience to naturists. 

Visitors can immerse themselves in clear turquoise waters, indulge in birding, or simply admire the captivating ocean views.

An important nesting hub for Green and Loggerhead sea turtles, the beach embraces its role as a sanctuary for marine life. 

While amenities are limited to a few portable toilets, the untouched beauty of Blind Creek Beach offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking a peaceful seaside escapade.

7. Hobe Sound Beach

An empty Hobe Sound Beach on a beautiful morning at Jupiter Island, blue skies with white puffy clouds
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 13 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, picnics, bodyboarding, surfing, dog walking
  • Facilities: restrooms, showers, picnic shelters, lifeguards

Nestled halfway between Stuart and Jupiter, Hobe Sound Beach beckons with its unspoiled charm. 

Easily accessible from I-95, this pristine coastline offers more than just sand and surf. 

With facilities such as clean restrooms, showers, and free parking, it promises a hassle-free day out. 

Pavilions dotting the area provide shade for those picnic lunches, while the lifeguard station ensures a safe swim in the turquoise waters. 

Venture north or south, and you’ll find spots ideal for surfing, fishing, and even kiteboarding. 

Dog owners delight, as certain areas permit your pets to frolic off-leash. 

Wildlife enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled! The beach is a cherished nesting ground for sea turtles. 

Whether it’s the view of a radiant sunrise or the thrill of beachcombing, Hobe Sound Beach truly offers a holistic seaside experience.

8. Coral Cove Park

Tide pools and rock formations of Coral Cove Park in Tequesta, Florida at extreme low tide on clear calm afternoon.
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 22 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, fishing, picnics, snorkeling, beachcombing, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding
  • Facilities: restrooms, showers, parking, picnic tables, lifeguards

Situated on the southern tip of Jupiter Island, Coral Cove Park unfolds over 15 acres, showcasing approximately 2,610 feet of stunning beach frontage. 

Uniquely characterized by natural limestone formations, part of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge, this beach is a haven for marine wildlife, including fish, sea turtles, eels, sharks, and marine worms. 

Known for its vivid underwater spectacle, Coral Cove stands out as a prime location for snorkeling, offering visitors a unique glimpse into its vibrant marine life and coral reefs. 

The beach also draws shell collectors for its generous offering of diverse shells. 

The park is well equipped with amenities such as picnic areas with built-in grills, a playground, and convenient restrooms and outdoor showers. 

Coral Cove Park, a harmonious blend of natural wonder and leisure activities, offers an unparalleled beach experience near Jupiter.

9. Dubois Park

Dubois Park in Jupiter Florida
Source: unsplash
  • Distance from Stuart: 24 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, fishing, picnics, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling
  • Facilities: restrooms, showers, parking, picnic tables, lifeguards, rentals, concessions, boat ramp

A hugely popular destinationDubois Park is a serene shelter for families and paddlers. 

The park spans a substantial 18.69 acres, offering a large playground and an array of engaging activities. 

It boasts pristine beach areas, with designated swimming zones that keep the young ones safe from bigger waves. 

The presence of lifeguards ensures a worry-free experience for parents. 

The park’s amenities extend to boat ramps for non-motorized boats, providing an exhilarating opportunity to explore the estuary. 

Saltwater fishing, snorkeling, and the unique Jupiter Waterway Trail all add to the park’s appeal. 

A rich history, strategic location, and picnic pavilions for restful family outings make Dubois Park an irresistible beachside spot near Jupiter.

10. Jupiter Beach Park

Jupiter Beach Park and Beach areal views, Florida, USA
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 23 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, fishing, picnics, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling
  • Facilities: restrooms, showers, parking, picnic tables, lifeguards, rentals, concessions

A 23-mile drive southJupiter Beach Park is a perfect escape for beachgoers seeking the serene beauty of Florida’s coastline. 

Covering a generous 46.49 acres, the park features over 1,700 feet of safeguarded beach, promising both safety and fun for all. 

Visitors can enjoy the rhythm of the waves or take a refreshing dip in the nearby lagoon, an added charm of this unique park. 

For active guests, the park offers saltwater fishing and paddling.

Its expansive picnic areas equipped with grills make it a popular spot for family outings, while the outdoor showers and restrooms ensure comfort and convenience. 

Be it taking splendid shots or simply enjoying water sports, Jupiter Beach Park is a treasured coastal retreat offering a blend of recreation and relaxation.

11. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

The Fort Pierce Inlet State Park on Florida's East Coast - aerial view
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Stuart: 22 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, fishing, picnics, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing
  • Facilities: restrooms, showers, parking, picnic tables, lifeguards, rentals, concessions

Stretching across 340 acres on North Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park serves as a lush oasis for beachgoers and adventure-seekers alike. 

Flanked by the azure Atlantic Ocean and the serene Tucker Cove, the park brims with recreational activities. 

Visitors can dive into its clear waters, reminiscent of the Caribbean, for a snorkeling or scuba diving experience alongside vibrant tropical fish. 

The park’s reef, just a stone’s throw from the shoreline, promises enchanting underwater vistas. 

For those who prefer the surf, the park’s half-mile pristine beach is perfect for surfing, swimming, or simply lounging. 

Back on land, amenities such as hiking trails, a paved bike path, and a dedicated picnic area enhance the visitor experience. 

And for bird enthusiasts? Dynamite Point, with its rich wartime history, is now a hotspot for bird-watching. 

Truly, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park encapsulates the best of Florida’s coastal charm.

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