8 Amazing Recreational Lakes near Paso Robles, CA

itiswild.com Best Lakes near Paso Robles CA

The selection of lakes around Paso Robles isn’t large but quite varied. A couple of large reservoirs nearby offer various types of water recreation, and smaller community lakes allow tranquil fishing and paddling.

9 Fantastic Recreational Lakes near Buffalo, NY

itiswild.com Best Lakes near Buffalo New York

Buffalo provides easy access to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, but there are plenty of smaller lakes in the area. Visitors who prefer cozy lakes and fishing ponds can enjoy water activities without the drawbacks of large lakes.

11 Fantastic Lakes for Recreation near Lawton, OK

itiswild.com Best Lakes near Lawton OK

Lawton is surrounded by excellent lakes and reservoirs, some of which sit within the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The area is known for stunning scenery and activities like fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming, and camping.

11 Top-Rated Recreational Lakes near Arnold, CA

itiswild.com Best Lakes near Arnold CA

Arnold provides access to a variety of lakes in Calaveras County. Some options are mountain lakes with a short summer season, while others are large recreational reservoirs in the valley below.

Lake Nicol, Alabama: Complete Guide

itiswild.com Lake Nicol Guide

Lake Nicol is a popular fishing, paddling, and boating destination near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In summer, it offers swimming opportunities and serene picnic spots.

Lake J.B. Thomas: Complete Guide

itiswild.com Lake J B Thomas Guide

Lake J.B. Thomas is a large and popular reservoir in the Texas plains. Although the water level tends to fluctuate, this lake is well-regarded for boating, fishing, and camping.

Lake Awosting: Complete Guide

itiswild.com Lake Awosting Guide

Fed by rainwater, Lake Awosting has unusual water acidity that does not sustain fish. Reached only by foot, bike, or cross-country skiing, it sits in a gorgeous natural area and offers summertime swimming.

Lake Eustis Florida: Complete Guide

itiswild.com Lake Eustis Guide

Lake Eustis in the Harris Chain of Lakes is known for excellent fishing, boating, and a large population of alligators. It has plenty of access options and paddling opportunities.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir: Complete Guide

itiswild.com Flaming Gorge Reservoir Guide

Known for its bright-red canyon walls, unmatched fishing opportunities, and wide range of recreational activities, Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah: Complete Guide

itiswild.com Tibble Fork Reservoir Guide

Tibble Fork Reservoir may not be large, but it’s a hugely popular summer destination in the American Fork Canyon. This mountain lake is free from motorboats and offers excellent swimming, paddling, and camping in summer.