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11 Most Popular Beaches near Titusville, FL

From quiet coastal havens like Canaveral National Seashore to premier surf spots at Cocoa Beach, these are the top beaches near Titusville.
Iconic Cocoa Beach on Florida's East Shore

Florida’s east coast is no stranger to breathtaking beaches, and Titusville is at the heart of this coastal charm.

Just a stone’s throw from Orlando’s thrills, these sandy stretches offer serene getaways and unparalleled ocean views.

But there’s more to Titusville’s nearby shores than just sun and surf.

Many are prime spots to witness the awe of rocket launches, a blend of nature’s beauty and mankind’s innovation.

From quiet coastal havens like Canaveral National Seashore to premier surf locales at Cocoa Beach, this guide unveils the top beaches close to Titusville.

Discover the options!

1. Playalinda Beach

a crowd of people watching shuttle liftoff from Playalinda Beach on Canaveral National Seashore Florida
Source: unsplash
  • Distance from Titusville: 12 miles
  • Activities: swimming, watching rockets launch, sunbathing, surfing, picnics
  • Facilities: restrooms, parking

Part of the Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda Beach boasts pristine stretches of sand and crystal-clear waters, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

Situated just 12 miles from Titusville, it’s not just the natural beauty that captivates its visitors; it’s also the best vantage point to witness awe-inspiring rocket launches.

While the beach is a haven of tranquility, offering breathtaking sunrises and abundant wildlife, visitors should plan ahead.

The absence of running water and concessions ensures an undisturbed communion with nature.

Elevated boardwalks provide accessibility and scenic views, making it welcoming for all.

Those seeking a unique experience can venture to the last beach sections for a clothing-optional spot.

Remember to check the launch schedule, as combining a beach day with a rocket launch viewing is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Canaveral National Seashore

rocket launching over Canaveral National Seashore near Titusville Florida
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Titusville: 8 miles
  • Activities: fishing, surfing, hiking, swimming, sunbathing
  • Facilities: parking, boat ramps, restrooms

Situated just north of the renowned Kennedy Space Center, Canaveral National Seashore offers a pristine, unspoiled coastline that captures the essence of natural Florida.

A haven for both beachgoers and wildlife, this expansive beach is graced by crushed shell white sands and a dynamic tidal dance, which, while enthralling, reminds visitors to swim responsibly in the absence of lifeguards.

With a plethora of trails to trek, it’s not just the sun and surf that beckons.

Birdwatchers, turtle spotters, and fishing aficionados find their slice of paradise here.

While the amenities lean towards the rustic—with only primitive bathrooms and a lack of running water—the captivating sunrises, unique body surfing experiences, and the rare opportunity for a spiritual connection with nature at its clothing-optional section, make Canaveral National Seashore a true Floridian treasure.

3. Jetty Park

drone landscape photography at Jetty Park near Titusville Florida
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Titusville: 25 miles
  • Activities: fishing, hiking, swimming, sunbathing, kayaking
  • Facilities: picnic tables, restrooms, playground, rentals, lifeguards

Overlooking the picturesque Cocoa Beach, Jetty Park is a celebrated spot not just for its calming shoreline but also for its inviting fishing pier that extends an open invitation to anglers and casual visitors alike.

Offering more than just sandy escapades, the park boasts a spectrum of activities — from spotting dolphins and ships to catching a rare glimpse of a rocket launch.

The park’s modern conveniences include umbrella and chair rentals, well-maintained restrooms, a children’s playground, and lifeguards ensuring safety all year round.

However, visitors are encouraged to arrive prepared, especially with sun protection, given the park’s limited shade.

And, with the bustling cruise port terminal in proximity, the sight of majestic cruise ships passing close by adds a touch of magic to any visit.

Whether you’re looking to relax, fish, or simply be enthralled by nature and technology’s marvels, Jetty Park promises a memorable experience.

4. Cherie Down Park

Cherrie Down Park in Cape Canaveral Florida
Source: flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Distance from Titusville: 26 miles
  • Activities: walking, parasailing, surfing, watching rockets launch, kayaking
  • Facilities: restrooms, limited parking, picnic tables, lifeguards

Nestled between Jetty Park and the Cocoa Beach pier, Cherie Down Park emerges as a favored spot for both locals and visitors.

With its expansive sandy stretch, the beach offers a haven for families and individuals alike, and the absence of seaweed adds to its appeal.

Amenities such as public restrooms, outdoor showers, and picnic spots ensure a comfortable day out.

The park’s proximity to Cape Canaveral provides an unmatched vantage point for rocket launches, making it a magnet for spectators.

Beachgoers can indulge in a plethora of activities from parasailing, surfing, and paddleboarding to the simple joys of shellcombing.

And while shade might be scanty, the cleanliness, lifeguard presence, and free parking make Cherie Down Park a must-visit gem on Florida’s coast.

5. Cocoa Beach

white sand at Cocoa Beach near Titusville Florida
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Titusville: 29 miles
  • Activities: swimming, surfing, sunbathing, volleyball, kayaking, fishing
  • Facilities: restrooms, parking, boardwalk, nearby restaurants, rentals

Nestled along Florida’s eastern coastline, Cocoa Beach stands out as a pristine jewel.

This well-maintained haven, easily accessible from the bustling amusement parks of Orlando, ensures a delightful experience for both locals and visitors.

Patrolling crews maintain the beach’s cleanliness, reinforcing its reputation as one of the state’s finest sandy stretches.

The gently sloping shores beckon swimmers, though the waves call for caution, especially with younger ones.

Convenience is a hallmark, with ample parking and nearby restaurants amplifying its allure.

Beyond the allure of its medium-sized waves and soft sands, Cocoa Beach offers chair and umbrella rentals, making it the perfect spot to bask under the Floridian sun.

Whether for a day trip or family reunion, this town and its extensive beachfront guarantee a memorable outing.

6. Shepard Park

Beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida with blue sky and clouds.
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Titusville: 27 miles
  • Activities: surfing, swimming, sunbathing, fishing
  • Facilities: dog-friendly, restrooms, picnic tables, grills, lifeguards, showers, boardwalk

Shepard Park, an exquisite section of Cocoa Beach, offers visitors a tranquil oceanfront experience replete with picturesque views and amenities.

A prime destination, particularly for those seeking a serene beach atmosphere, it boasts pristine sands and clear waters that beckon both the casual visitor and the avid beachgoer.

Conveniently nestled beside the iconic and world-largest surf shop – Ron Jon’s, parking is a breeze, with a picturesque wooden boardwalk providing direct access to the shoreline.

Paying homage to its namesake, Astronaut Alan Shepard, the park spans 5 acres, providing an unrivaled vantage point for space rocket launches.

This coastal haven complements its natural allure with a plethora of amenities, from convenient parking and boardwalk access to a myriad of facilities like pavilions, BBQ grills, and a playground.

Whether it’s basking in the sun or catching a mesmerizing sunrise, Shepard Park remains a must-visit gem on Florida’s coast.

7. Sidney Fischer Park

  • Distance from Titusville: 28 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, volleyball
  • Facilities: showers, restrooms, lifeguards, boardwalk, volleyball nets, pavilion

Sidney Fischer Park, an illustrious segment of Cocoa Beach, encapsulates 10 acres of pure coastal delight.

Renowned for its family-friendly ambiance, Fischer offers a hassle-free beach experience just 28 miles from Titusville.

Visitors are advised to don sandals, as the sun-kissed sands can be scorching.

The shores brim with exquisite shells, awaiting keen-eyed collectors.

Beyond the beach’s natural allure, amenities are abundant.

Showers ensure sand-free departures, while chair and umbrella rentals guarantee a relaxed day out.

Families cherish the park area for picnics, ensuring fun continues even off the sand.

With its pristine condition and easy accessibility, Sidney Fischer Park stands as a cherished Cocoa Beach treasure.

8. Lori Wilson Park

Lori Wilson Park near Titusville, FL
Source: wikimedia/CC BY 2.0
  • Distance from Titusville: 29 miles
  • Activities: fishing, walking, surfing, swimming, sunbathing
  • Facilities: restroom, picnic tables, playground, pavillion, grills

Lori Wilson Park, a vibrant corner of Cocoa Beach, is a beacon for beach enthusiasts.

Parking, entirely complimentary, might require a bit of patience during peak hours, but with two lots available, visitors usually find a spot.

The beach is known for its pristine condition and is easily accessed via a charming wooden walkway.

Lifeguards, ever vigilant, ensure swimmers’ safety.

Beyond the lure of the gentle waves, amenities abound: restrooms, outdoor showers, and rental options, from loungers to boogie boards.

An enterprising mobile cart offers icy treats, while a dedicated dog park keeps the canine companions entertained.

The sand, while delightful, can get toasty in summer, prompting visitors to opt for sturdy footwear.

Whether it’s a family day out or a surfing adventure, Lori Wilson Park promises a day of sun-soaked memories.

9. New Smyrna Beach

Aerial view of beautiful summer day in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Titusville: 39 miles
  • Activities: surfing, fishing, swimming, sunbathing, kayaking
  • Facilities: parking, showers, pet-friendly

New Smyrna Beach, a coastal gem 39-mile drive from Titusville, is making waves as the ultimate beachfront escape.

Visitors seeking a tranquil retreat flock here, lauding its powdery sugar sand and crystal-clear waters, perfect for a casual dip or spirited surfing.

Early arrival is key to secure prime parking, with the unique option to park directly on the sand.

Rental facilities abound, offering beachgoers umbrellas, chairs, and even boogie boards for those eager to ride the gentle waves.

For the vigilant, an occasional turtle sighting adds to the allure.

A comprehensive array of eateries ensures hunger is a non-issue, while the presence of vigilant lifeguards, easily accessible showers, and tidy amenities underscore its reputation as an idyllic, user-friendly beach destination.

10. Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park

  • Distance from Titusville: 44 miles
  • Activities: fishing, kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, surfing
  • Facilities: restroom, showers, pavilions, playground, picnic tables

Nestled in New Smyrna Beach, the Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park is a tranquil sanctuary offering more than just sandy shores.

This pristine haven, characterized by its abundant shell deposits and gentle slope, is an idyllic location for those seeking calm amidst nature.

Visitors are urged to enjoy its waters during low tides for safety.

Offering free, albeit limited parking, this Florida jewel is framed with clean waters and a scenic view seldom disturbed by crowds, making it the ultimate spot for quiet reflection or witnessing events like the SpaceX rocket launches.

Those with a penchant for activity can indulge in fishing or kayaking, while nearby amenities such as restrooms, outdoor showers, picnic pavilions, and a children’s playground enhance the experience.

Furthermore, the adjacent harbor is a viewing spot for the majestic manatees and playful dolphins.

A truly holistic beach experience awaits.

11. Smyrna Dunes Park

Smyrna Dunes Park near Titusville, FL
Source: unsplash
  • Distance from Titusville: 38 miles
  • Activities: hiking, fishing, windsurfing, swimming, sunbathing
  • Facilities: dog-friendly, restrooms, picnic tables, parking

Smyrna Dunes Park is emerging as a favorite coastal haven for beachgoers and their canine companions.

Touted as an excellent dog-friendly beach, this destination ensures its furry visitors feel right at home with amenities like poop bag stations, dedicated watering spots, and wash hoses to rinse off after a sandy frolic.

While dogs bask in the surf and sand, anglers have the opportunity to fish from the park’s pier.

Adding to its charm, the boardwalk offers expansive views and easy beach access, becoming a popular choice for leisurely strolls and exercise enthusiasts alike.

Despite its tranquility, visitors are advised to prepare for Florida’s sun and opt for shaded spots.

Additional features like picnic tables, seating areas, and pristine dunes underscore its allure, making Smyrna Dunes Park a must-visit for a comprehensive beach experience.

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