11 Gorgeous Beaches nearest to Frederick, MD

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When seeking the best beaches near Frederick, there is a treasure trove of freshwater and saltwater options, often nestled within the picturesque boundaries of state parks. 

This abundant selection, however, brings with it a key consideration – many of these beaches are only open during the summer season. 

As such, the search for the ideal beach getaway involves striking the perfect balance between freshwater shores and the saltwater coast, all while navigating the seasonal availability of these seaside havens. 

Read on to discover the top beaches that Frederick has to offer!

1. Cunningham Falls State Park

Cunningham Falls State Park Beach
Source: flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Distance from Frederick: 20 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, camping, hiking, picnics
  • Amenities: lifeguards, picnic tables, campground, trails

Cunningham Falls State Park reveals its hidden gem – Hunting Creek Lake beach. 

A $5 entry ticket ushers visitors into a realm of natural beauty and leisure. 

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the beach is a haven for those seeking respite from summer heat, offering swimming with seasonal lifeguard supervision to ensure visitor safety. 

Clean, modern facilities, including a bathhouse, keep comfort at the forefront.

The newly-installed playground adds an extra layer of fun for families. 

And while dogs must remain on the grass, they’re still part of the picture, as the park carves out pet-friendly zones mere feet from the water. 

The beach at Cunningham Falls State Park is not just about the cool, inviting waters, but an entire outdoor hub with kayaking, fishing, and paddleboarding.

2. Greenbrier State Park

  • Distance from Frederick: 16 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, camping, hiking, picnics
  • Amenities: lifeguards, picnic tables, campground, trails

At the heart of Maryland’s Appalachian Mountains, Greenbrier State Park unfurls its irresistible charm – a 42-acre man-made freshwater lake fringed by a pristine white sandy beach. 

As the mercury rises, this locale magnetically pulls in visitors seeking solace in swimming, boating, and canoeing, all under the watchful gaze of seasonal lifeguards. 

For the adventurers, the park lays down nearly eleven miles of hiking trails, while campers find solace in 164 woodland campsites. 

The park’s commitment to accessibility shines, with an accessible visitor center, picnic areas, and even a beach wheelchair available. 

All this, however, comes with popularity; weekends bring the hustle, and parking becomes a prized possession. 

So, if a $5 to $7 ticket to this diverse, activity-rich sanctuary sounds like a bargain, arrive early and make the most of Greenbrier State Park.

3. Cacapon Resort State Park

Beach in Cacapon Resort State Park
Source: flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Distance from Frederick: 70 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, biking, hiking, picnics, golf, fishing
  • Amenities: trails, lodges, cabins, golf course, rentals

Nestled in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle, Cacapon Resort State Park tempts visitors with a rich blend of nature and adventure. 

The park’s key attraction, the lakefront beach, opens its arms to swimmers from Tuesday to Sunday

between Memorial Day and Labor Day, offering an idyllic respite. 

However, the lure doesn’t stop at swimming. 

The park boasts a range of outdoor exploits including hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and even a championship golf course. 

Despite the seasonal constraints of the beach, the park’s allure is year-round, thanks to varied lodging options, from a recently renovated lodge, the state’s newest, to cozy cabins and the restored Old Inn. 

Please note, camping isn’t offered here. 

A $5 entry fee guarantees a day filled with fun and exploration, but remember, arriving early on busy weekends ensures a spot under the sun at Cacapon Resort State Park.

4. Gifford Pinchot State Park

Sunset over Pinchot Lake, at Gifford Pinchot State Park, Pennsylvania
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Frederick: 66 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, biking, hiking, picnics, camping, fishing
  • Amenities: trails, cottages, RV campground, rentals

Pennsylvania’s gem, Gifford Pinchot State Park sprawls across 2,338 acres, attracting enthusiasts with its rich palette of outdoor activities. 

At the heart of the park, the 340-acre Pinchot Lake, enveloped by a meticulously maintained beach, entices visitors seeking swimming and sun-soaked relaxation. 

The allure, however, extends beyond the water’s edge. 

For those keen to explore, hiking and biking trails carve paths through the park’s diverse terrain, while boating rentals unlock the lake’s broader appeal. 

Camping under the starlit sky adds an enticing option, with RV sites, yurts, and camping cottages framing picturesque lake views. 

And if it’s wildlife that catches your interest, the park’s trails could offer a glimpse of the giant swallowtail butterfly, North America’s largest. 

Undoubtedly, Gifford Pinchot State Park offers much more than a day at the beach.

5. Rocky Gap State Park

Lake Habeeb -- Rocky Gap State Park (MD)
Source: flickr/CC BY 2.0
  • Distance from Frederick: 84 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, biking, hiking, picnics, camping, fishing
  • Amenities: trails, rentals, campground, yurts, chalet, casino, dog-friendly beach

Engulfed in the rugged beauty of Allegany County, Rocky Gap State Park is a natural wonder extending over 3,000 acres. 

Its crown jewel, the 243-acre Lake Habeeb, known for its exceptionally blue water, features two public swimming beaches during the summer, ensuring fun and relaxation for all. 

What’s more, the park offers a vibrant mix of outdoor pursuits like boating, kayaking, and hiking, with trail access conveniently located near the day-use area. 

Camping enthusiasts find delight in the park’s spacious and well-maintained campgrounds. 

In an intriguing twist, the park pairs nature’s tranquillity with the thrill of a nearby casino. 

Equipment rentals and a pet-friendly swim area further accentuate the family-friendly charm of Rocky Gap State Park. 

Whether for a splash or a slot-machine spin, this park’s appeal is undeniable.

6. Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Lake and Beach in Pennsylvania
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Frederick: 54 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, biking, hiking, picnics, camping, fishing
  • Amenities: trails, rentals, campground, cabin

Sitting at the northern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pine Grove Furnace State Park provides a unique dual-beach experience. 

Both Laurel Lake and Fuller Lake boast beaches where visitors can bask in the sun or dive into the waters during the summer season. 

The park offers a diverse suite of outdoor activities, from hiking the renowned Appalachian Trail to trout fishing in the stocked Mountain Creek and Laurel Lake. 

Bike rentals are available for those wishing to explore the rail trail, while camping enthusiasts will find a modern campground to set up base. 

Notably, the park holds the distinctive position of being the midpoint of the 2,186-mile Appalachian Trail, allowing visitors to claim a piece of this legendary path.

7. Cowans Gap State Park

Cowans Gap State Park Beach
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Frederick: 63 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, hiking, picnics, camping, fishing
  • Amenities: trails, rentals, campground, cabins

Located in the Allens Valley of Pennsylvania, Cowans Gap State Park is a recreational hub renowned for its 42-acre lake and sprawling 500-foot sand beach.

Operational from May to late September, the beach serves as a launchpad for a variety of seasonal activities. 

Visitors can immerse themselves in the crystal-clear lake waters, embark on hiking adventures via the lakeside trail, or take a steep ascent on the horseshoe trail to bask in stunning views. 

Boat rentals add another layer to the park’s offerings, while the large campground and rustic cabins cater to overnight guests. 

Despite its seclusion, the park combines natural beauty with convenience, boasting a well-stocked concessionaire and an informative interpretive center.

8. Rocky Point Beach 

An empty chair in a waterscape background on the Chesapeake Bay
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Frederick: 66 miles
  • Activities: swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, picnics, volleyball
  • Amenities: restrooms, boat ramp, trails, playground, volleyball court

A mere 66-mile jaunt from Frederick, Rocky Point Beach in Essex serves as a coastal haven for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

This cherished spot spans 375 acres of beachfront and parkland. 

Seasonal lifeguards oversee the safe enjoyment of beach activities such as swimming and beach volleyball. 

Ample picnic tables, peppered across two expansive areas, are ideal for social gatherings, while grills add a BBQ flair to outdoor dining. 

Young visitors revel in the comprehensive playground, outfitted with swings and slides. 

This park’s combination of abundant amenities, stunning Chesapeake Bay views, and a rich history guarantee an enjoyable outing for all who visit.

9. Sandy Point Beach

Sandy Point State Park near Annapolis Maryland
Source: depositphotos
  • Distance from Frederick: 75 miles
  • Activities: swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, picnics
  • Amenities: restrooms, trails, playground, grills, piers, seasonal lifeguards

A 75-mile drive from Frederick, Sandy Point State Park houses the ample expanse of Sandy Point Beach, a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts. 

This vast beach, known for its exceptional safety measures, is patrolled by seasonal lifeguards, providing peace of mind for summer swimmers. 

Visitors relish in the spectacular vista of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, adding an iconic backdrop to their beach experience. 

A favorite destination for anglers, the park features designated fishing jetties that attract both novices and experienced fishermen. 

For an added touch of historical charm, a local shoal light stands guard at the beach, blending maritime heritage with natural beauty. 

Offering an array of activities and sights, Sandy Point Beach stands as an exemplar of Maryland’s coastal allure.

10. Hammerman Beach

a beach in Maryland with lifeguard chair
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Frederick: 69 miles
  • Activities: swimming, fishing, kayaking, picnics
  • Amenities: restrooms, trails, playground, grills, piers, seasonal lifeguards and rentals

Situated within the expansive Gunpowder Falls State Park, Hammerman Beach presents a bountiful array of leisure pursuits. 

Spanning a staggering 1,500 feet, this sizable stretch of sand invites a multitude of interests, becoming a vibrant hub during summer months, thanks to the watchful presence of seasonal lifeguards. 

Kayak and canoe rentals are readily available, providing a different perspective on the park’s serene surroundings. 

Though swimming is the beach’s main attraction, the park also designates specific areas for anglers seeking a peaceful fishing experience. 

Completing the beach’s offerings are numerous picnic areas equipped with grills, perfect for family gatherings. 

As one of the key highlights of Gunpowder Falls State Park, Hammerman Beach encapsulates the essence of outdoor enjoyment.

11. North Point State Park

Beach at North Point State Park MD
Source: wikimedia/CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Distance from Frederick: 61 miles
  • Activities: swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, picnics
  • Amenities: restrooms, trails, playground, grills, piers

North Point State Park, an enchanting sprawl of 1,310 acres in Edgemere, is home to a charming beach, unique in its appeal. 

With its proximity to Baltimore, it has become a favorite spot for local and tourist beachgoers. 

Although small, the beach stands out with its abundance of rocks and shells, offering a distinctive allure to beachcombers. 

Despite the absence of lifeguards, the shallow waters of the Chesapeake Bay beckon swimmers seeking respite from the summer heat. 

Anglers find delight in the park’s fishing piers, an ideal venue for pursuing local aquatic species. 

With its diverse ecosystems of wetlands, fields, and woodlands intertwined by hiking trails, North Point State Park offers not just a beach experience, but an immersive encounter with nature’s splendors.

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