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11 Best Beaches near Fort Worth, TX (within 1 hour)

Fort Worth has a wide selection of freshwater beaches. Most options have well-developed facilities with restrooms, showers, boat rentals, and picnic spots.
Lynn Creek Park Beach in Texas

With so many lakes and reservoirs nearby, Fort Worth has a wide selection of freshwater beaches.

Most options have well-developed facilities with restrooms, showers, boat rentals, and picnic spots.

Those who prefer a saltwater experience will have to travel over 300 miles to Galveston which has the nearest Gulf beaches.

However, most options on this list are within 40 miles drive from downtown, perfect for day trips with family and friends.

1. Burger’s Lake 

  • Distance from Fort Worth: 7 miles
  • Activities: swimming, tubing, diving, picnics, volleyball
  • Amenities: rentals, restrooms, diving platforms, water slides, trapeze
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With summer approaching, Burger’s Lake stands ready to offer a delightful retreat for groups and families. 

This 30-acre park features a spring-fed lake, offering a superior swimming experience thanks to its state-of-the-art purification system that keeps the water crystal clear.

Two sandy beaches and ample shade trees provide the perfect relaxation spots. 

Visitors will find over 300 picnic tables and 185 charcoal grills for a DIY culinary experience. 

For thrill-seekers, the park boasts a 20-foot slide, a trapeze over the water, and diving platforms. 

Volleyball courts, inner tubes for rent, and various other amenities add to the fun. 

Popular among families, Burger’s Lake remains a favorite choice for those seeking a clean, safe, and enjoyable summer escape.

2. Twin Points Park Beach

  • Distance from Fort Worth: 14 miles
  • Activities: swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, picnics, volleyball
  • Amenities: rentals, restrooms, pavilions, boat ramp
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Twin Points Park Beach delivers a refreshing retreat just 14 miles from downtown Fort Worth. 

Encircled by Eagle Mountain Lake, it’s a hotbed of summer activity. 

The beach serves as a swimming hotspot, but guests can also engage in kayaking and paddleboarding. 

For those preferring land-based pursuits, volleyball courts offer the ideal setup for friendly competition. 

Shaded by large trees, the beach is decked with pavilions, offering a perfect setting for picnics or relaxation. 

Furthermore, Twin Points isn’t just a daytime destination. Special events often extend its hours, turning it into an evening venue. 

This park isn’t a mere beach – it’s a collection of opportunities for joy, relaxation, and community, making it a popular choice among Fort Worth locals.

3. Lynn Creek Park Beach

People enjoy group picnic, campsites, BBQ at Lynn Creek Park, Grand Prairie
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 25 miles
  • Activities: swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, picnics, volleyball, fishing
  • Amenities: restrooms, showers, grills, walking trails 
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Situated on the northwest shoreline of Joe Pool LakeLynn Creek Park spans approximately 784 acres, offering an array of outdoor amenities. 

A highlight is the new white sand swimming beach, complemented by a grassy area furnished with covered picnic tables. 

Adjacent to the swimming spot, visitors will find a playground, restrooms, and changing rooms, making it an ideal location for family outings. 

For those seeking aquatic activities, the park provides two boat ramps with eight lanes. 

A sand volleyball court adds to the recreation options. 

With nearly 100 picnic sites, group pavilions, and a concession stand, Lynn Creek Park is well-equipped to cater to both individual visitors and larger gatherings.

4. Marine Creek Lake Beach

Kayaks On A Texas Lake
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 13 miles
  • Activities: swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, picnics
  • Amenities: rentals, restrooms, boat launches
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Marine Creek Lake, a short 15-minute drive from downtown Fort Worth, offers a quiet haven for beach enthusiasts. 

Unlike its louder counterparts, tranquility is its trademark. 

Comprising two boat ramps and over six miles of paved trails, it’s a preferred spot for those seeking active but peaceful escape. 

As a ‘no-wake’ lake, it avoids motorized boat traffic, creating perfect conditions for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. 

Its calm waters make it a paddleboarder’s dream and a haven for kayak lovers. 

It’s not just a beach; it’s a testament to tranquility in an urban setting.

5. Meadowmere Park Beach

A photograph of a park that is starting to be under high water at the Grapevine Lake
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 27 miles
  • Activities: swimming, picnics, walking, camping
  • Amenities: restrooms, campgrounds, water obstacle course, trails
  • Open in Google Maps

Meadowmere Park, occupying 288 acres of land, presents a spectrum of engaging activities for its visitors.

Notably, the park houses the largest floating aqua park obstacle course in Texas – WhoaZone, promising a dynamic and fun-filled aquatic experience. 

Located on Grapevine Lake, the floating playground serves as a refreshing retreat during the summer. 

For visitors with a culinary flair, the park offers fire pits and grills, ideal for a lakeside cookout. 

A dedicated beach area creates an inviting atmosphere for leisurely swims. 

Additional amenities include a children’s playground and shaded picnic tables, enhancing the family-friendly appeal. 

Overnight guests can enjoy a serene stay at the lakeside primitive campsite, equipped with picnic tables and fire rings, with pets welcome to join.

6. Lake Park Beach

Bluebonnet blossom near lake park in Lewisville, Texas
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 40 miles
  • Activities: swimming, picnics, kayaking, fishing, camping, boating
  • Amenities: restrooms, picnic tables, boat ramps, trails, campground
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Lake Park Beach holds a no-frills charm for locals, offering a quintessential blend of relaxation and leisure. 

At this simple spot, visitors can dive into the cool waters of Lake Lewisville, wading in from a sandy shoreline. 

Not restricted to swimming, the area provides access to two boat ramps and courtesy docks, facilitating other water-based adventures. 

Multiple picnic sites create a serene spot for families to unwind, turning meals into memorable moments. 

On land, park-goers can take advantage of RV campgrounds, and athletic facilities. 

Despite its simplistic appeal, the swimming area remains a major draw for locals, who relish its inviting waters and accessible amenities. 

It’s an unpretentious gem, offering a slice of tranquil lakeside life.

7. Little Elm Park Beach

  • Distance from Fort Worth: 50 miles
  • Activities: swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, fishing, camping, volleyball, picnics
  • Amenities: rentals, restrooms, primitive campsite, boat ramps, volleyball nets, trails
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Little Elm Park Beach serves as a popular hub of activity on Lake Lewisville

Its draw goes beyond the traditional beach offerings, extending into the realm of water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, and boating.

Boat ramp availability accommodates these pursuits, catering to a broad range of aquatic interests. 

More than just a swimming spot, the park’s amphitheater and athletic fields lend it a dynamic edge, creating a diverse palette of entertainment. 

Adventure seekers can navigate hiking and biking trails, while leisure lovers might prefer a game on the sand volleyball courts or a tranquil picnic. 

Tent camping lets visitors extend their stay, allowing more time to soak in the beach’s vibrant atmosphere. 

The park beach embodies more than sun and surf – it’s a multifaceted attraction promising unforgettable times.

8. North Holiday Park Beach

Vivid, multicolored sunrise over Benbrook Lake, Texas
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 15 miles
  • Activities: swimming, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, biking, picnics, fishing
  • Amenities: restrooms, boat ramps, picnic tables with grills
  • Open in Google Maps

North Holiday Park Beach, on Benbrook Lake, is a serene, no-frills destination, nestled between wooded creeks and prairie lands. 

Its day-use facilities cater to a variety of activities. From boating to horseback riding, this simple haven offers something for every outdoor enthusiast. 

The park is home to a swimming beach, accessible boat ramps, and picnic shelters. 

Hikers can enjoy miles of diverse trails, while bikers will find open shorelines perfect for a leisurely ride. 

The beach also attracts windsurfers, and fishing enthusiasts can test their luck with largemouth bass or catfish. 

Despite its simplicity, Holiday Park Beach brings a multitude of activities to the table. 

This makes it a preferred spot for those seeking a balance of tranquility and engagement.

9. Granbury City Beach

Aerial view City Beach Park in Granbury, Texas with sandy shoreline, summer activities, long boardwalk
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 37 miles
  • Activities: swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, picnics
  • Amenities: picnic tables, rentals, snacks
  • Open in Google Maps

Granbury City Beach, situated in downtown Granbury, offers numerous leisure activities. 

Although it requires a 37-mile drive from Fort Worth, free entry makes it a popular summer spot. 

Thatched roof picnic pavilions and Tiki Hut provide a tropical touch. 

Lifeguards are present to ensure safety, while the life jacket loaner station offers free life jackets for everyone. 

Additionally, Beachside Toys & Takeout provides rental services. Customers can rent paddleboards, tubes, bicycles, and surreys from a Tiki Hut. 

The service also includes snacks and drinks, enhancing beach relaxation. 

Conveniently, the beach is a short walk from the historic square, brimming with eateries and shops. 

It’s an excellent option for combining a city break and a beach experience.

10. Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Lake Mineral Wells State Park
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 47 miles
  • Activities: swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, picnics, camping, fishing, hiking, rock climbing
  • Amenities: campsite, trails, restrooms, rentals
  • Open in Google Maps

Lake Mineral Wells State Park, located 47 niles from Fort Worth, is more than just a beach. 

Besides swimming in a 640-acre lake, the park offers numerous outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and fishing. 

The park rents out boats, making lake exploration accessible for all visitors. 

For thrill-seekers, the park’s Penitentiary Hollow offers a rare North Texas rock climbing experience. 

Moreover, camping enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of numerous campsites and screened shelters, including 20 equestrian sites. 

Despite the beach alone not warranting the drive, when combined with the park’s variety of activities and camping facilities, it becomes an excellent choice for a weekend getaway.

11. Dove Waterpark

Happy family having fun in the pool, son jumping into the water, relaxed in aquapark, beach resort, summer vacation, travel and tourism concept
Source: dreamstime
  • Distance from Fort Worth: 24 miles
  • Activities: swimming, sunbathing
  • Amenities: water park with pools, slides, diving boards, concessions
  • Open in Google Maps

Dove Waterpark, in Grapevine, provides an engaging respite from the summer heat. 

More than a typical pool, it features two slides, a diving board, and a lily pad crossing. 

For younger visitors, there’s a zero-depth entry area. 

Vigilant lifeguards ensure safety, while an onsite concession stand caters to post-swim hunger. 

Its family-friendly environment accommodates everyone, from reluctant toddlers to thrill-seeking teens and cautious parents. 

Although it’s not a beach, Dove Waterpark offers a fun-filled, secure setting for families to cool down during the hot summer months.

Gulf Beaches

Galveston Beach and Island
Source: unsplash

For Fort Worth residents craving Gulf beaches, Galveston is the nearest bet. 

Though the 300-mile drive might sound daunting, Galveston’s diverse beaches are worth the journey. 

Stewart Beach, a family-centric spot, is known for its playgrounds and volleyball courts. 

East Beach, the biggest in Texas, hosts vibrant festivals and live concerts. 

Galveston Island State Park offers a quieter beach experience, perfect for bird-watching and fishing, while Porretto Beach lures visitors with its sandy expanses and jet ski rentals. 

Seawall Urban Park, a ten-mile stretch of beach, features a large sidewalk for biking, jogging, or leisurely walks. 

Sunny Beach, a free access beach, is an ideal pick for budget-conscious visitors. 

Each beach presents unique attractions and activities, making Galveston a fitting choice for beachgoers seeking variety. 

Those traveling from Fort Worth must allocate at least a few days to visit Gulf beaches.

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