11 Gorgeous Beaches near New Bern, NC

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near New Bern North Carolina

The rich history, moderate weather, and incredible natural beauty make New Bern the top getaway to some of the best beaches and coastal recreation areas in North Carolina.

11 Fantastic Beaches near Annapolis, MD

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Annapolis Maryland

Sitting on the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis has plenty of beaches with tons of activities. The nearest options are within minutes of the city, but you can also opt for the Atlantic Coast, just a few hours away.

15 Amazing Beaches near Fremont, CA

ItIsWild.com: Best Beaches near Fremont

Fremont has a wide variety of beaches; there is no shortage of local lakes and spots on the Bay. And if you’re prepared to drive just a little further, you can enjoy the gorgeous Pacific beaches, too.